our story!

Arielle is the creator and visionary behind spark+elle.  As a child, you could find her sprawled out on her bedroom floor in New Jersey among a sea of beads, stringing together bracelets and wiring earrings.  Although many became gifts, others were assigned price tags and sold to her mom’s friends, and so began her creative endeavour. Although jewelry making remained an important creative outlet for Arielle through middle school and high school, it was put on pause when she decided to pursue a career in education during college.

Arielle is now a special education teacher in Los Angeles. An impulsive decision to peruse local bead stores during spring break one year lead to her acquiring a sizeable gemstone collection, with which she started playing with wire-wrapping techniques and began designing custom gemstone and suede chokers for her friends. Through word-of-mouth and increased interest in her jewelry, spark+elle came to fruition.

Spark+elle was founded on the belief that women should be empowered to embrace their individuality through necklaces that can be worn in a variety of ways, uniquely reflecting their personality and style.  Wear them wound once, twice, or three times, long or short, and from day into night. With each type of wrap, our wearers have an opportunity to express themselves in a new way, bringing to light their inner spark(+el)le. Each necklace is designed and hand-crafted in West Hollywood, California.